My Life size Sea Turtle Sold.

While living in far north Queensland, almost every swim in the tropical waters of the Barrier Reef featured Green Sea Turtles. On a night dive I saw a massive turtle sleeping in a rock cave. I saw turtle heads gulping air between the waves on the beach. I was left enchanted by Green Sea turtles.
Aboriginal Art depicts Green sea turtles frequently, alluding to their attractive round shells and beautiful patterning.
I wanted to create the mass, the elegance and intricacy of these beautiful creatures.
Creating a solid infrastructure for the shell was imperative. I needed to create a solid gentle sloping dome shape which is skewed to one side.
I knew that I didn’t want the fins to be symmetrical. When witnessing turtles swim, their fins move very independently, especially when making turns or adjusting their buoyancy. These are the moments of magic that I wanted to capture- The relationship of the turtle with the ocean. Somehow, she makes light work of the heavy waves, reacting with such beauty and composure.

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