‘Tomatoes bubbling on the reef’

There’s something so captivating about clownfish. I hate to admit, but I was the basic child that had major clownfish love after the release of Finding Nemo. My fascination for their movement and appearance has definitely stuck since. I remember nagging my parents for a nano reef tank to have a go at keeping one. Honestly after snorkeling in Zanzibar, I have come to the conclusion they are their most beautiful in the wild. (However now that these fish are tank bred, I may just have to give keeping some a shot!)

There are many species of clownfish; percula, maroon, tomato. They all swim with that kind of classic charming paddling motion which I find so captivating. This painting aims to capture their movement and vibrancy.

Pet Portraits!

Doing Portraits of pets is always slightly stressful but hugely satisfying. A good portrait brings to life the spirit of a beloved pet through a combination of realism, careful posture selection, and added artistic effect. Being a vet, I get to know animals as patients, companions and muses!

This drawing is of a gorgeous dog named Major. He is a mastiff cross, and is a guardian angel for his family. He’s a bulky but beautiful bruiser- a pleasure to draw!

Corals at Fitzroy…

The great barrier reef is an underwater jungle truly out of this world. Spending a Sunday snorkeling along its shallow reefs was breath taking; and inspired a new painting!

‘Stag horn coral at Fitzroy’

Endless numbers of coral butterfly surrounded us on the reef. Elegant, slim and colourful; these fish were like painted CDs navigating between rocks and coral. JUST STUNNING. We were also graced by the presence of a 1 meter long green sea turtle, he cruised along intermittently stealing mouthfuls of sea weed along the ocean floor. There are literally not enough adjectives for this post. Having art inspired by your life experiences is a huge blessing, and I think for this painting adds real authenticity to its beauty.

Nostalgic jungle fever!

I had the pleasure of commissioning some art for a young man I could relate too, growing up, my wall was painted with rainforest creatures; which inspired me and reminded me everyday of my love for animals.

Onyx, a young Aussie man wanted a green tree frog and reef fish for his wall. And I couldn’t have wanted to help more. Australian wildlife is rich, beautiful and unstoppable, and WE MUST conserve it. Knowing that my art on the wall may help encourage future minds to get involved in conservation is the biggest honour.

Get involved, inspire our young minds!

Chick- tastic Didilabaysse!

I was lucky enough to visit a beautiful small village in northern Cairns called Kuranda.

The village is teaming with heritage markets, wild cassowaries, fresh fruit, and lush rainforests. Its honestly a miracle that I managed to pry myself away to continue my life.

I was acquainted with a beautiful artist and poultry enthusiast named Didi. She was kind enough to invite me to her farm to draw her beautiful collection of chucks. The whole experienced inspired these fun sketch/ paintings. These are A3 and can be used as cards; or hung to enjoy on a wall!

Australian inspired art

In February 2020 I decided break normality and practice veterinary surgery down under in Aussie. During my time here I have gained new artistic perspectives.

Australian wildlife is beautiful, rich and ecologically so different from what I’m used too.

This is a vision I would love to bring to life… Browse my galleries to enjoy collections of my Australian inspired artwork and adventures!