‘Wandering the cassowary coast in the rain’

Over our time in Cairns we have had three encounters with cassowaries. Cassowaries are giant two meter tall flightless birds, they eat a diet mostly of fruit and are a protected species. They are MAGIC. With deep black plumage and a scaly dinosaur-like bright blue head, its obvious they are a magnificent sight- (and frankly scary).

The most special encounter we had was with a male cassowary and his chick when out walking in Barron gorge national park. The little chick saw us as we trudged past and let out the tiniest squeak; spurring its enormous dad to lock eyes with us, and stare us down. Since then I knew I had to do a painting of a cassowary.

Male cassowary in the jungle sizing up to us!

Another great place to see cassowaries is Etty bay, a super chilled beautiful beach around a 90 minute drive south of Cairns. There you will find a resident cassowary. He is tame but bold, and spends his days posing for paparazzi, and wreaking havoc over peoples picnics.

Cassowaries are stunning creatures, and we must make efforts to conserve their environment and protect them from threats such as speeding drivers and wild pigs.

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