HIT PLAY painting…

I recently had a go on a digital panting tablet, and god it was incredibly fun! Using a software called procreate (I highly recommend it) I created a sea life piece inspired by the painting ‘reef delight’ by artist Didi Labaysse. The coolest bit is watching the piece back!

While a digital piece can never replace an original on paper/ canvas, its an extremely useful learning tool and can produce beautiful work. There’s a selection of pens, colours, textures and layers. the options are ENDLESS.

I’m 100% investing in a drawing tablet very soon…

Ulysses on the Beach.

I was requested to make a painting of a species of butterfly seen commonly in the tropical jungles of north Queensland. The Ulysses butterfly. These insects are iridescent blue, never seem to settle and fly with speed. They are so magical see contrasting with their deep green habitat. Check out the full piece on my Acrylic Painting section!

A good friend once told me butterflies are a good omen. If you keep this thought with you; and travel to areas with lots of butterflies it gives you such positivity energy! Give it a go!

Market Mania.

Over my time in Australia, I have been lucky enough to set up artist’s stalls at various locations. Its has been great connecting with locals, having lovely stall neighbours and living my art dream. Also its another excuse to soak in the Aussie sun.

Its pretty crazy just how different peoples styles are. I have been displaying ranges of work just to gauge what styles are popular; and frankly I still don’t know what is! I have had people chose random two second sketches from my workbook (which wasn’t even on display) over complex paintings which have taken me forever.

All in all, its beautiful when people can buy something they resonate with. When you get a photo the next day of your painting on someone else’s wall, its a beautiful feeling.

Laura’s Lovely Lot.

A pet portrait of two beautiful dogs. Laura wanted something different, something colourful and far from realism. This was a fun portrait to make! I love the contrasts of the red against the bluey grey coat- along with those piercing eyes.

Joe’s Turtle!

‘Tumble young turtle, whip through the wonders of life, swim with purpose’

This was such a fun commission. At my market stall I ran into a doctor named Joe, who wanted a huge A1 turtle with the haiku, ‘tumble young turtle, whip through the wonders of life, swim with purpose’. HOW COOL IS THAT?! That haiku is some pretty bang on life advice I think.

I wanted this turtle to be colourful, beautiful and free. The strong yellows were inspired by a real turtle I recently swam with, off the coast off East Australia. Below the water, the turtle’s scales and shell looked dark brown, but when he intermittently came to the surface for a gulp of air, he was a luminous yellow. Turtles are absolutely stunning. Good choice Joe!

Back to Basics…Illustration.

Over my time in Australia, I have found time to just draw. Since the age of two, I have been drawing animals and I have loved revisiting this profound artistic strength of mine. Drawing is a fundamental medium of artistic expression, performed for thousands of years. Ancient cave paintings are a beautiful example of this. It is a mindful and appreciative practice.

To draw skilfully is to deeply understand the truth of form, spirit and movement. It’s a form of love and worship for me. The natural world offers boundless inspiration for drawing, and I’m realising it is the core of my artistic style. Animals and the natural world are a huge part of my existence!


GIFTS. One of the main languages of love.

I have recently had the joy of being able to gift work to my family and close friends. Drawing caricatures is immensely fun, and the reactions to them are immensely entertaining. They are honestly WORTH IT! Animal related pieces also make great gifts. People often relate to certain animals in a spiritual way, so its great to play on this and get creative.

For any requests for personalised gifts, drop me a DM on insta, or just an email!

‘Poolside with Barry’

Its lovely drawing peoples pets. Its highly personal and gives people such joy to see their little family members captured in something beautiful and permanent! This one is of a sweet little Frenchie pup named Barry! How cute is this little man?!

While achieving realism forms an aspect of portraits, I still prefer a degree of abstract paint application- after all, the magic of real life is more than that of a simple photograph..

Great white on the wall!

A slightly more unusual commission I was asked to do was a 1.5 meter wide charcoal drawing of a great white. (The kids of Australia are so inspired and in awe of nature I love it). This was an incredibly fun piece to draw because I had such wide scope to play with light and depth. Keep the nature commissions coming Australia!! I love the pilot fish hanging out in this one.