Chick- tastic Didilabaysse!

I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful small village in northern Cairns called Kuranda.

The village is teaming with heritage markets, wild cassowaries, fresh fruit, and lush rainforest. Its honestly a miracle that I managed to pry myself away to continue my life.

I was acquainted with a beautiful artist and poultry enthusiast named Didi. She was kind enough to invite me to her farm to draw her beautiful collection of chucks. The whole experienced inspired these fun sketch/ paintings. These are A3 and can be used as cards; or hung to enjoy on a wall!

2 Replies to “Chick- tastic Didilabaysse!”

  1. Oh wow, my sweet nephew, you rock the talent! At once a choice line defines the creature in all its three dimension, occupying its rightful space, its attitude. One more, here, another located and an individual with expression has vitality, is the essence of its kind.

    Your art is beautiful and thrilling Avneet. Thank you for sharing.
    Love you always
    Your Bhuji X

    1. My dear Bhuji,
      Thank you for posting such beautiful words- couldn’t have said it better myself! Chicken have such presence! I’m currently working on more rainforest creatures, I hope my work continues to deliver.

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